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How to lose double chin Guide

One of the biggest things that you have gained weight is the development of a fat face. While you can easily hide spreading hips or expanding thighs, it is just about impossible to camouflage your feature that is out there for the entire world to see. It doesn’t matter which angle a person views you, having a fat face is a give a way that you have gained weight.
 how to reduce double chin before and after

Nobody likes to have a double chin. It is not flattering, it makes wearing fashionable clothes difficult and it detracts from one’s overall appearance. Maybe you are overweight and have excess fat around the face and neck. Maybe you are prone to loose skin in the neck region- aging can also exacerbate or cause it. Whatever the case, I bet you would love to lose your double chin for good. The good news is you can.
The first thing you need to do to combat the loose skin that gives the impression of a fat face is to eat less. There is a way around this if weight is the cause of the problem. Different people store fat in different places, but in many people, it is stored in the facial and neck regions, adding apparent layers to the face.

  • How to lose weight naturally:

 Diet weight loss breakfast concept with tape measure organic green apple, cereal bowl, orange juice, pineapple, muesli cereal bowl, pear, kiwi, lemon, strawberries

Lose it through diet, losing weight naturally involves eating sensibly, that is to say in moderate portions and also avoiding or cutting back on foods and substances that cause weight gains like salt, alcohol, and fat. Salt and alcohol can cause water retention, which can bloat the face and fat will add those telling extra kilograms. Choosing what you eat can help you slim down your body and face. If you want to decrease your body fat and this includes the fat in your chin, you should skip foods high in calories, sodium, sugar, and fats. You should increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegefacial lifting effecttables, and protein-rich foods. Eating consciously goes hand in hand with getting physically active

  • Facial exercises

 facial lifting effect: reduved double chin, lift up facial skin, lift up eyelids and lift up neck skin

 Interestingly, facial exercise doesn’t just make you lose double chin but are responsible for improving your complexion, rubbing out your wrinkles, preventing your skin from sagging and eliminating crow’s feet. Moreover, rubbing, pushing and pressing your muscles during exercise enhances the blood circulation in your face which in turn gives it more refreshing look. So all in all, facial exercises are a beautiful asset to you. So get used to them as soon as possible to most benefit for sculpting your new chin.

  • Exercise the platysma

The platysma is the muscle responsible for managing the affairs around your neck. If the rest of your body is already in shape you need to do exercise that focuses on this particular muscle. There are several facial exercises dedicated to this part of your body, the muscle controlling the movement of the jaw and the corners of the mouth. You can tilt your head upward and slightly back and hold the position for a count of 10- 20. At the same time, try to raise the corner of your mouth as you do so, this makes the chin and neck considerably tightened.
  • lose your double chin through medical procedures:

Lose double chin through medical procedures if you want to lose your double chin through medical procedures, you might also want to consider a neck lift, a procedure that involves removing excess skin, though this is a surgical procedure and is invasive. For most people, this is not the optimal way to lose a double chin, besides which, surgical procedures are expensive and require time off from work, which may not be possible.
  • Liposuction

Liposuction to lose double chin neck liposuction also work on the loose skin on your neck since excess fat is removed to get rid of bands around the neck.During liposuction, fatty deposits are broken up and removed with a high pressure vacuum. The procedure lasts an hour and although it is invasive you can expect only a small incision behind the earlobes or just under the chin


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