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How to lose weight from your face, 4 days later

Most of us believe that losing weight is a difficult task, especially in areas like the face, which seems to be a very complicated thing to do.
However,we know that losing weight from your face is not at all difficult, in fact the face is the first are of the body to lose weight, this because of how soft the face muscles are?.So if you want to lose all that fat from your cheeks and chin, just follow these simple exercises at home, and in only four days later you will see the results.

how to lose weight in your face

  • How to lose weight from your face
how to lose weight in your face
One of the most effective ways to lose face fat is by giving you a facial massage. Face massages are usually done with a bit of oil to help reduce fat on the cheeks and chin, and sculpt your face. The facial massage is done by following four simple steps:


1. Apply wheat germ oil on your face and neck.
2. Massage your chin and move upwards with a gentle, up ward direction. Use circular movements and repeat 5 times.
3.    Use your fingertips to tap the corners of your lips and move towards the ears gently. Repeat this movement 10 times.
4.    Finish by moving your fingers along your jaw line with use firm strokes. Do not use your thumb for this one, repeat 5 to 6 times.
Many people don’t know the reason why they have facial fat or a double chin. It is important to know the causes in order to fight them and see better results. First, check if you have a regular intake of water, if not, then increase your water intake by drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day. Believe it or not in 4 days it will help you in look a slimmer face.
Doing facial exercises for 4 days will also help you reduce the fat from your cheeks and chin, and the exercises are actually very simple. Chewing sugar-free gum for about 20 minutes, two times a day helps you lose weight from your cheeks. Rotating your tongue inside your mouth with the mouth closed, 15 times each in clockwise and anticlockwise direction is also a great exercise to lower the fat from your face. Also, puffing and deflating your cheeks for 10 seconds will help the muscles of your face work out and burn the fat.
The last way to get rid of that face fat and seeing results only 4 days after is by doing some changes in your lifestyle. The most recommendable advices are:
1- Don’t go to bed immediately after eating; always leave at least 2 hours for digestion to occur.
2- Don’t eat foods high in sugar, salt, starch and oil.
3-Try to drink warm water instead of cold. Cold water may cause the fat to adhère the muscles, while warm water helps getting rid of it.

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