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lose two stone of weight (in 2 months)

The doctor sat in front of me, his face stern. "You need to lose two stone in six months to have this operation" he explained. You're overweight, and that will increase the risks involved with anesthetic.

some stories of women that how they get rid your weight from the body:
how to lose weight in your face
I looked at him in amazement. I knew I wasn't thin, but it had never crossed my mind that I was obese.
It was December 2002 and I was trying to get a date for a varicose vein operation. The problem was, without losing the weight, it was far too dangerous.
I'd never had a problem with my weight until I had my first baby, he has 10 years, with my engineer husband David.
My size was the last thing on my mind as I started to care for a baby, and I quickly slipped into bad eating habits. By the time my second baby, Jake, now he has three years, came along, I'd gone from a size 12 to a size 26.
I didn't even know how much I weighed and back.then, I don't think I even really cared. `I'd look silly thinner,' I'd argue with myself. At 5ft 11ins, I was tall and I thought I carried my weight well.
The only time I worried about my size was on special occasions or nights out with my friends. They'd wear skimpy tops and short skirts, while I'd throw on wide-leg trousers and a huge blouse over my 42F boobs. I thought it was flattering, but I should have realized that it just made me look bigger.
It wasn't that I ate a lot, but what I did eat was pure rubbish. I'd always skip breakfast, then I'd grab a sausage roll or pie for lunch. When I went on the school run, I'd take some chocolate and crisps to snack on. Then back at home in Tipton, West Midlands, I'd nibble on biscuits while I cooked the family dinner - usually, a roast smothered in gravy. It wasn't the meals I was interested in, I just loved to snack.
But all of that had to stop now. I desperately wanted the operation and, without losing weight, the doctor simply wouldn't allow it. I needed to lose two stone - and fast.

  • Weight loss Watchers class

 how to lose weight in your face
In the New Year of 2003, I signed up for a Weight Watchers class at the local Tipton Sports Academy. I knew the club well, it was where David and I went for a few pints most weekends.
On the first night, it felt really strange to walk past the bar and go into the class. Everyone was really friendly and things went well - until I had to weight myself. The scales flashed before me, then settled on 18st 10lb. My stomach lurched in horror.
"Right," said the leader, Sarah Farmer, 31. "Your goal weight will be 12st 11b."
I smiled in fake agreement, really thinking that I only wanted to lose the two stone for the operation. In fact, I had a plan: I'd go for a few weeks, get all the information I needed about how to diet, then leave and do it on my own.
But within a month, the group, or `Fat Club' as we called ourselves, became like a second family to me - and I didn't want to do it without them.
Everyone was so supportive there. We'd all bring in new low-fat products we'd found, swap all the tips we'd discovered, and encourage each other every step of the way.
Sarah was really amazing - always on hand to help. She even gave out her personal phone number in case we had a diet dilemma. I often called.

I stuck to the diet and, amazingly, I found I was never hungry as there was plenty to eat. I didn't think I'd lose weight eating so much, but on my first weigh-in, I'd lost 4lb. After That, There was no stopping me
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